The masters time
2002+++After 10 years start again with the javelin+++Multiple National Champion of Masters+++Styrian General Class Champion+++2006: Vice World Champion of Masters
16 March 2006, 13:00 Third attempt by Otto Petrovic
Otto Petrovic wins silver in javelin throw M40It was cold, the run-up was slippery - not ideal conditions for throwing the javelin - the more astonishing it was that Otto Petrovic, after a break from competition of more than 2 years, threw his best performance of 58 meters in the last attempt at his first competition. He himself was also surprised by the distance: "Only 4 months ago I was operated on my throwing shoulder, now I am finally pain-free, but I could only train for 2 months for the competition, I would not have expected this distance." Health problems were also what forced him to end his career in the early 90s shortly after his record throw of 79.88 meters. After a break of more than 10 years, he started training for a comeback in the Masters, and threw 63.76 meters again in 2003 - but shoulder problems forced him to take a break again: "I think if I stay injury-free now, it should be possible for me to throw well over the 60 meter mark again."
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