WEIRD means in english very strange, unexpected, not natural. I read WEIRD as an acronym for Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic. But when I think about this thoroughly: Weird is what we are, the eighteen percent of the world's population.
I try to change the perspective to understand different feeling, thinking, acting. Is innovation possible without changing our perspectives?
Main areas of interest
Use of digitization for innovations in the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of business models.
Effects of digitalization on everyday life in different cultures.
Formal and informal e-learning.
Academic work
Professor for Information Systems and Management at University of Graz/Austria.
Visiting professor in:
Harbin Intitute of Technology/China,
Stellenbosch/South Africa,
Appointment offers for Full Professorships (Declined):
University of Salzburg, founding professorship at the Center for Information and Communication Technologies & Society for Internet Communication.
University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, full professorship for Information Systems.
University of Duisburg-Essen, full professorship in Information Systems.
Technical University of Berlin, full professorship for Information and Communication Management.
Work for public authorities, business and sport
Management and overall coordination of 10 major research projects of the European Union.
Member of several international reviewer boards and program committees.
Appointment as deputy member of the Telekom-Control Commission by the Federal Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology of the Republic of Austria.
Member of the Strategic Advisory Group on Information and Communication Technology of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor.
Member of the Media@Kom Advisory Board of the German Federal Minister of Economics and Technology.
Award of the 'Research Prize of the Province of Styria'.
Founder of three companies.
More than 50 championship titles in javelin throw, pole vault, high jump, shot put, hammer throw, triple jump. Best Western European in the decathlon at the European Junior Championships. Six times improvement of the Austrian record in the javelin throw. Vice world champion of masters in javelin throw. 
Starting racing bike sport and traveling to remote location by racing bike.
Publication of more than 80 scientific papers and 8 books.
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